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Staying Afloat in the Application Economy

Staying Afloat in the Application Economy with Brocade vADC

edited by Dawn Morris


As someone once said, “Software is eating the world.” And now, everything we do ‘online’ or ‘digitally’ is delivered to us by applications.


As a result, developers are under pressure to deliver new applications, to enhance our online experience. And it falls to IT departments to install, enable, and protect those and to provide the levels of bandwidth and capacity to meet the growth in online transactions. Everyone from the CEO down demands data security. And customers just demand seamless, always on, totally secure, intuitive services.


Download Developer EditionSo this ‘Digital transformation’ is just marketing buzz for ‘IT upheaval on a massive scale’ to build innovative applications which attract and retain customers, and to overhaul backoffice systems to realize this transformation. Key components in the new infrastructure are Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) that provide the tools to help keep your organization’s applications Available, Scalable, Fast and Secure. Whether you are deploying e-commerce applications or customer portals, or employee collaboration platforms to enhance productivity, ADCs have become a staple in the infrastructures of modern applications. 


However, we have entered the age where organizations need ADC solutions that are better suited for virtual and cloud environments. Modern infrastructures need a modern ADC that is purpose-built for Virtualization and Cloud, with a commercial framework to suit the new ways in which applications are being consumed.


In the next article, we will look at how Brocade vADC can help deliver high-performance applications in the cloud, helping you to get on top of the application challenges that organizations face every day in the application economy.


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