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Stingray Aptimizer Technical Overview

Stingray Aptimizer is a Web Performance Optimization (WPO) tool that performs just-in-time optimizations to web applications.  This results in web pages loading up to 4x faster while using 30% less bandwidth.  Being just-in-time means optimizations are performed on the fly with no code changes needed.  Stingray Aptimizer optimizations are split into four basic categories:


  • Combining Files: Merging multiple files into a single larger file to reduce round trips
  • Data Reduction: Reducing the bandwidth used by compressing and removing unnecessary data
  • Caching: Reducing the amount of traffic by optimizing the usage of both the browser cache and the intermediary cache network that lies between the server and the end user
  • Dynamic layout:  Dynamically adjusting the layout of pages to ensure they load as efficiently as possible.


The Stingray Aptimizer Technical Overview provides a detailed technical overview of the optimizations performed in each category.

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