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Stingray and ScreenConnect

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Stingray and ScreenConnect

Does anyone have any experience setting up rules for ScreenConnect through the Stingray Virtual Appliance?  We were hoping it was just setting up the listening ports of 8040 and 8041 but that seems to not be the case.  Thanks in advance.  It is a product like Team Viewer, except you host it.  We are running v 9.0r3

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Re: Stingray and ScreenConnect

I haven't worked with ScreenConnect, but taking a look at their documentation it says that only the Web Server Service can have more then one instance, so is that what you are trying to put behind Stingray or are you also trying to put the Relay Service behind Stingray?  What issues are you seeing?  Assuming the default ports, I would think the Virtual Server for the Web Server Service would be standard HTTP listening on port 8040.  I would think a Virtual Server to handle the Relay Service would use either the Generic Server First or Generic Client First protocol, but I don't know which it would be so you would have to try each one and see which works. 

I hope this helps, but if not, let us know what results you are getting.


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Re: Stingray and ScreenConnect

Generic Client First got it, thank you very much