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Stingray optimum VMWARE requirement

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Stingray optimum VMWARE requirement

Hi Guys,


since we are going to use Stingray under cloud service, what would be the best optimum vcore/vram/hdisk space should look into for each STM 500 (L,L2, M & H), 1000M and 2000L

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Re: Stingray optimum VMWARE requirement

Core/RAM/Disk depends on the workload.  Here's some cautious estimates - you can start with these and then refine downwards if they are overprovisioned:


STM 500: 1 core, 500 MB for <50Mbits throughput, 1 Gb for up to 1 Gbits throughput

STM 1000M: 1-2 cores, 2 Gb

STM 2000L: 2-4 cores, 2-4 Gb depending on workload


Disk space - generally 2 Gb is sufficient for the OS and Stingray software; additional disk is used for logging.  Recommend 10 Gb in total.


These are very rough estimates - please talk with our support or SE team if you would like more detail





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Re: Stingray optimum VMWARE requirement

Thanks Owen.