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Stingray traffic manager and Sharepoint 2010/2013 health monitoring

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Stingray traffic manager and Sharepoint 2010/2013 health monitoring


I've read this

and this

due to the fact that I am looking forward a solution for Sharepoint web/application server load balancing and fault-tollerance (MSCS is not supported and NLB is not efficent nor application aware) I need as much information as possible on this topic.

What are exactly the Stingray traffic manager possibilities with Active Health monitoring over Sharepoint?

Is it able just to check HTTP answers or is it deeper?

thank you all


Re: Stingray traffic manager and Sharepoint 2010/2013 health monitoring

Hi Pentolino,

Stingray has very flexible monitoring capabilities, including both simple and advanced HTTP monitors. The simple monitor will pass a node as long as it is responding with valid HTTP responses. The advanced monitor can be configured to check for specific response codes or even specific page content.

As well as per node monitors like the HTTP ones mentioned. Stingray has pool wide monitors which can be set to monitor a specific resource on which the pool of servers rely. If that resource fails, then Stingray will mark the whole pool as failed and move onto the failure pool (if one is configured).

However if neither of these are enough, then you can create custom monitors which can test anything you need to. Custom monitor programs can be written in the language of your choice (eg python, perl, c++, etc) and then uploaded to Stingrays monitor programs catalogue. Stingray will execute the monitor against each node and check the applications exit code to determine the node state; an exit code of 0 indicates a pass, and anything else indicates a failure.