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Stingray with SSL encryption

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Stingray with SSL encryption


We recently began to use Stingray on our datacenter and I have a simple question about this.

Do you think this is possible to use Stingray in order to transform a simple HTTP website into a HTTPS page ?

We'de like to publish other the internet one application and encrypt the traffic to this webpage with a certificate published directly on the Stingray appliance.

I don't know if we could use the Stingray as a reverse SSL proxy.

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Re: Stingray with SSL encryption

Hi Gael - yes, you can use Stingray to do exactly as you describe.

  1. First get your basic HTTP virtual server working and verify all is OK
  2. Then import/create an SSL certificate and private key on Stingray, and reconfigure your virtual server to use SSL decryption with your certificate, and change the port from :80 to :443
  3. Verify that you can now browse the site with an HTTPS URL

There are a couple of gotchas to watch out for.  These arise because the webserver still thinks that it's serving content over http; it does not know that clients must access by https.

  • Your web content may contain absolute links to the http:// version of your site.  Even though you serve that content over https, when clients try to follow that link they will use http.  You can correct your content (the best thing is to remove the http:// or https:// part in each link), or use a solution like this: HowTo: Rewriting HTTP responses
  • Your webserver may send back redirects to the http:// URL.  You can generally fix this most easily using the 'Connection Management > Location Header Settings' config in your virtual server - set 'location:rewrite' to 'rewrite protocol and port'
  • Clients may still attempt to access your service over HTTP (bookmarks, search indices, old links etc).  The safest thing to do is to create a second, simple HTTP virtual server that does not have any content/does not load balance to your servers.  Instead, all it does is to run a rule that uses http.changeSite() (as described in HowTo: Redirect HTTP clients) to redirect clients to the HTTPS version of the site



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Re: Stingray with SSL encryption


That's great ! it works with a simple website.

I will next try to publish a complete site with links and test that everything is working