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Stringray on Cloud


Stringray on Cloud

Good day Friends,

I am new to StringRay product. I got a requirement to setup a LB for webservers and DB servers using stringray software.

Server Details - 4 Machines

1 Machine (Webserver 1 and RiverbedStringray software Installed)

2 Machine (Webserver 2 and RiverbedStringray software Installed)

3 Machine - db 1

4 Machine - db 2


Need to configure loadbalance to webserver 1 and webserver2  using RB-StringRay on 1-Machine will be act as Primary LB and 2-Machine will be act as Secondary LB.

Can someone clarify me whether Riverbed StringRay and Webserver can be installed on same Machine as show above.

Looking forward some expert to clarify it. Thanks in advance


Re: Stringray on Cloud


Stingray Traffic Manager is software, so you can install it on any Linux or Solaris host. So although it's rather unusual, there is nothing to prevent you from installing it on the same host as the web-server itself. Obviously you'll need to ensure that your web server software doesn't try to claim the same IP and Port which you want Stingray to listen on. The easiest way to do that is probably to configure your web server to listen on port 81 and then configure Stingray to listen on port 80 and load balance across the web servers on port 81.

You'll need to configure a TrafficIP Group in order to get the High Availability, and if you want a specific machine to host the IP, then mark the other machine as passive in the TIP Group configuration.




Re: Stringray on Cloud

In addition to Mark's reply, there is a great "Getting Started" guide here:

      Getting Started with Stingray Traffic Manager

Hope that helps.



Aidan Clarke
Pulse Secure vADC Product Manager