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Support for sftp virtual servers.

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Support for sftp virtual servers.

Greetings community,

My client would like to know if we can configure virtual servers for sftp backend servers. Fron service creation drop down menu, I don't see sftp as one of the options. Does anyone have an idea how or if this can be accomplished.

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Re: Support for sftp virtual servers.

I contacted TAC and here is their suggested solution:


SFTP is just an extension of the SSH protocol and is supported by the vTM. Because the vTM is already running SSH internally you will need to reconfigure the listening port for either your SFTP service or the internal SSH server. The "Generic Client First" protocol can then be used to accept the connections to the virtual server.

When you configure an SSH listening service on the virtual Traffic Manager (vTM) it will conflict with the existing SSH connection to the underlying OS. To work around this you should configure the listening port of the SSH daemon to a port number other than 22. On a VA this can simply be done via the admin UI under "System > Security > SSH Server > appliance!ssh!port".

 I am going to try that and will report back.


Re: Support for sftp virtual servers.

You may also need to ensure that the keys are copied between all backends - let us know if that solves your problem.