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Tech Tip: Running Perl code on the Traffic Manager Virtual Appliance

You can create monitors, event action scripts and other utilities using Perl, but if you install them on a system that does not have a suitable Perl interpreter, they will not function correctly. For example, the Traffic Manager Virtual Appliance does not have a system-wide Perl interpreter.


The Traffic Manager includes a slightly cut-down version of Perl that is used to run many parts of the Administration Server. You can modify an existing perl script to use the Traffic Manager distribution if necessary.


Replace the standard Perl preamble:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

... with the following:

exec $ZEUSHOME/perl/miniperl -wx $0 ${1+"[email protected]"}
    if 0;

#line 7

       # The Stingray-provided perl uses its own libraries

Note that Traffic Manager's Perl distribution contains a limited set of libraries, and it is not possible to add further libraries to it. Nevertheless, it is complete enough for many of the common administration tasks that you may wish to perform on a Traffic Manager Virtual Appliance, including using the Control API (SOAP::Lite).

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