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Tech Tip: Using the SOAP Control API with C#

The following code uses Stingray's Control API to list all the running virtual servers on a cluster. The code is written in C#.



using System;
using System.Net;
using System.IO;
using System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates;

public class AllowSelfSignedCerts : IcertificatePolicy {
   public bool CheckValidationResult(

      ServicePoint sp, X509Certificate cert,
      WebRequest request, int problem )
      return true;

public class listVS {
   public static void Main( string [] args ) {

      System.Net.ServicePointManager.CertificatePolicy =
         new AllowSelfSignedCerts();

      string url= "https://host:9090/soap";
      string username = "username";
      string password = "password";

      try {
         Stingray.VirtualServer p = new Stingray.VirtualServer();
         p.Url = url;
         p.Credentials = new NetworkCredential( username, password );
         string[] names = p.getVirtualServerNames();
         bool[] enabled = p.getEnabled( names );

         for ( int i = 0; i < names.Length; i++ ) {
            if( enabled ) {
               Console.WriteLine( "{0}", names );
      } catch ( Exception e ) {
         Console.WriteLine( "{0}", e );

Running the example

This code works with the .NET 1.1 SDK and with Mono (use the most recent Mono build available from Using .Net 1.1, compile and run this example as follows:


C:\> wsdl -o:VirtualServer.cs -nSmiley Frustratedtingray VirtualServer.wsdl

C:\> csc /out:listVS.exe VirtualServer.cs listVS.cs

C:\> listVS.exe

Main website

Mail servers

Test site


With Mono, compile and run as follows:


$ wsdl -o:VirtualServer.cs -nSmiley Frustratedtingray VirtualServer.wsdl

$ mcs /out:listVS.exe /rSmiley Frustratedystem.Web.Services VirtualServer.cs listVS.cs

$ ./listVS.exe

Main website

Mail servers

Test site


The WSDL interface specifications for the Stingray Control API are located in ZEUSHOME/zxtm/etc/wsdl/.




Note the use of the IcertificatePolicy derived class to override the default certificate checking method. This allows the application to accept the Stingray's Admin Server's self-signed certificate.


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