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Traffic script Rules execution sequence

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Traffic script Rules execution sequence

Would be great if anyone can help me on this. 


We are running Pulse vADC/vWAF v17.4.  What is the sequence of Trafficscript execution if you have multiple Rules in Place. For a virtual server, I have a Host Header Rewrite trafficscript, Geo blocking traffic script the default traffic script for Web Application Firewall.  I want the Geo Blocking script to run first, then the WAF and then the host header rewrite which will then send packets to the servers in the pool.  But I am not able to re-arrange the list as the WAF comes always first.

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Re: Traffic script Rules execution sequence

The WAF enforcer rule is automatically added first by default, but it can be rearranged - just grab the handles and put it in the request / response stack where appropriate..


See the attached picture showing how to move the rules ( I am moving the WAF Enforcer requet rule in the example screenshot):


Google Chrome361.pngMoving TrafficScript Rules

Aidan Clarke
Pulse Secure vADC Product Manager