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Traffic script and WAF execution preference

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Traffic script and WAF execution preference

I have deployed a vADC with WAF solution on cloud.  Was looking for some info regarding the Traffic script rule execution sequence if we have more than one rule and WAF enabled. 


What is the sequence of execution, when we have a two Traffic scripts and WAF enabled for a virtual server. I have a Geo Blocking script and a header rewrite script/with pool selection.  Plus WAF.

But when is see the logs Geo Blocking drops the packet, but the WAF log shows the traffic too. Any way to just drop the packets and make sure it doesnt reach the WAF.  There is numbering on sequence of rule execution on Rules section.  When i try disabling WAF and enable again, it appears on top.  May be my understanding is wrong here. please correct.



Community Manager

Re: Traffic script and WAF execution preference

Hello there, there was another recent article which talked about changing execution order here:


Does that help?