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Tweaking Connections for service interruption?


Tweaking Connections for service interruption?


We have a process that runs on our ERP server every 2 hours that takes it offline for about 3-4 seconds.  The main access to the server is Telnet based.  We have a few people that seem to hit it about every time.  If the software is idle, it doesn't affect it, if you hit a key it locks up until it has a chance to retry (I'm guessing) and it usually about 45-60 seconds.  I put the STM in front of it hoping that it would help, and it seemed to at first but doesn't seem to be helping as much anymore.  We also noticed a HUGE speed increase using the STM so we want to keep it in front.  Are there connection settings that I can tweak to try to get it to retry faster?

We only have a single node and I have health monitoring disabled.  I have node_so_nagle: set to yes.