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Upgrading Traffic Manager Software

These instructions describe how to upgrade Traffic Manager Software instances. For instructions on upgrading on other platforms, please refer to Upgrading Traffic Manager.


You can upgrade a running copy of the Traffic Manager software with very little downtime. There are two ways to perform the upgrade: using the Administration Interface, or using the command line.


The upgrade procedure:


  1. Installs the new software into a different, version-controlled directory;
  2. Copies the configuration from the running version of the software;
  3. Stops the running software, swaps some symlinks and then starts the new software.


The downtime is rarely more than one or two seconds. If necessary, you can then install a new license key file using the Traffic Manager Admin Server, for example, to enable new product features.


Upgrading via the Administration Interface


  1. Obtain the new installation package (ZeusTM_ProductVersion_OS.tgz);
  2. Navigate to the System > Traffic Managers page on the Admin Interface of the Traffic Manager you intend to upgrade;
  3. Click the Upgrade button and upload the new installation package;
  4. Follow the instructions to apply the software upgrade.


Upgrading via the command line


  1. Unpack your new software distribution file (ZeusTM_ProductVersion_OS.tgz) on the server.
  2. Become root (assuming your existing installation is as root), and move into the directory that has just been created by extracting the distribution file.
  3. Run the ./zinstall command


The upgrade program automatically stops your existing version of Traffic Manager, upgrades it, and restarts it, keeping all your existing configuration.

Upgrading a Cluster


If you have a cluster of Traffic Managers, you can upgrade each one in turn. Do not make any configuration changes until you have upgraded the entire cluster to the same software version.


To roll back to a previous software version


You can use the 'rollback' script to revert back to a previously installed version of Traffic Manager software, or to roll forward to a later version that you installed previously:


  • Become 'root' and run the ZEUSHOME/zxtm/bin/rollback.


You will then be shown a list of the different software versions that you have installed, and asked to chose which one you would like to roll back or forwards to.  When you roll back (or forwards) to a different version, the software will use the configuration that was last active with that version. For example, If you upgraded from version X.1 to version X.2 two weeks ago, then roll back to version X.1, it will use the configuration that version X.1 last used two weeks ago.

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