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Upgrading Traffic Manager

We release major and minor updates to Traffic Manager on a periodic basis, and you are strongly advised to maintain production instances of Traffic Manager on recent releases for support, performance, stability and security reasons.

How to Upgrade your Traffic Manager

The Traffic Manager user documentation contains a "Getting Started Guide" specific to each type of installation, including section on upgrading to the latest version, depending on the platform type you are running on - refer to Installing and Upgrading your Pulse vADC for more information.

Where to find updates


Software and Virtual Appliance updates are posted on the site, and updates are announced on the community pages, such as this article.


The update process is designed to be straightforward and minimizes disruption, although instantaneous downtime is inevitable. The process depends on the form factor of your Traffic Manager device:



Am I running software or virtual appliance?


You can easily verify if you're running the software-only install (installed on your Linux/Solaris host) or a Virtual Appliance (running on VMware, Xen or another platform) by checking the header of an admin server page:

Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 18.31.47.png

Software install - identifies itself as "Traffic Manager 4000 VH"

Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 18.31.53.png

Virtual Appliance - identifies itself as "Traffic Manager Virtual Appliance 4000 VH"



Updating Cloud Instances of Traffic Manager


Public Cloud instances of Traffic Manager are provided and supported directly by Pulse - there is a "Cloud Services Getting Started" document in the article.

For third-party instances of Traffic Manager, please refer to your cloud provider.


More information


For more detailed information on the installation and upgrade process, please refer to the relevant Getting Started guide in the Product Documentation

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