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Using monitors to mark as UP / Drain / Down


Using monitors to mark as UP / Drain / Down

Hi all


We have a vTM running the latest version and we want to configure a health monitor that will look at an HTTP GET response and do the following:


if the http get string says 1 - leave node as online

if the http get string says 2 - drain node

if anything else - mark node offline


Is this doable? Any suggestions?

Occasional Contributor

Re: Using monitors to mark as UP / Drain / Down



Your inquiry is a bit more complex than a standard HM. So what you can do is to create a custom perl script that can be uploaded to the vTM under External Program Monitor. Once you have perl script created you can navigate to: 


Catalog>Monitors>Create New Monitor>External Program Monitor> Select the custom monitor 

and upload your script. 


Within the script you should be able to parse the status of each node using API response and mark them based on status per pool node. The permitted values should match based on the status code values (1,2,3, 4 or 5)


URI Endpoint: /api/tm/6.1/status/local_tm/statistics/nodes/per_pool_node/*


The state of this node.
• Type: Enum(String)
• SNMP name: "perPoolNodeState"
• Permitted values:
"alive": alive(1)
"dead": dead(2)
"unknown": unknown(3)
"draining": draining(4)
"drainingtodelete": drainingtodelete(5)


See attached snippet of the proposed logic of the perl script.


I hope I answered your inquiry.