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Virtual Traffic Manager and Microsoft Exchange 2013 Deployment Guide

This Document provides step by step instructions on how to set up Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager for Microsoft Exchange 2013.

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may I suggest to include a few notes on this, as this is based on my experience on 30k users, Exchg2013 deployment



at exchange CAS/HTTPS server pool, modify the pool > connection management with the followings;


1) max_connect_time : about 5 - 10sec.   ; this is up to your preference

2) max_reply_time : 120sec.                     ; default RPC & IIS timeout template in Exchg2013

3) queue_timeout : 120sec.                       ; default RPC & IIS timeout template in Exchg2013

3) node_connclose : yes.                          ; ensure to cut off traffic to backend node whenever failure occurred or server hang


Under monitoring pool CAS/HTTPS, include a secondary monitoring https, the standards "full https" should be ok. This is to avoid "/owa/healthcheck.htm" page failed or the Webmail page hang due to servers high utilisation...



POP/IMAP4 Section 2.6.2


The section of the guide which deals with IMAP4 and POP needs to be extended to included instructions for creating an IMAP monitor for the IMAP pool. The VTM includes a POP monitor by default, but a new TCP Connect monitor must be created for IMAP.


To create a new monitor: Navigate to Catalogs -> Monitors and create a new monitor using the form.


   * Name: IMAP4

   * Type: TCP Transaction

   * Scope: node


Next set the basic settings to sensible values, eg timeout of 5 seconds, delay of 10 seconds. Then modify the additional settings:


   * write_string: leave blank

   * response_regex: \* OK.*

   * close_string: a logout\r\n


That response regex is "\* <space> OK.*".


Click update to save the monitor and then apply it to your IMAP4 pool.


The HTTP to HTTPS rule has several syntax errors and should be changed to:


# TS Rule for redirecting HTTP requests to HTTPS
# Exchange 2013 OWA Redirect SSL
# Redirect to OWA URL if user tried default website

$debug = 0; # Change value to 1 if debug needed
$hostheader = http.getHostHeader();
If (http.getPath() == "/") {
http.redirect( "https://" . $hostheader. "/owa");
if ($debug > 0) { "Redirected to OWA URL" );} }​

 Thanks for the feedback Krap5015 , mbodding and RoyF


I made all the changes as suggested.