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What does the message "License key bandwidth limit hit" mean?


What does the message "License key bandwidth limit hit" mean?

What happens when Stingray hits the bandwidth limit encoded in the license key?

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Re: What does the message "License key bandwidth limit hit" mean?

License keys for the Stingray products typically contain a 'maximum bandwidth' field that limits the outgoing bandwidth from the Stingray software or virtual appliance.

If a limit is in place, Stingray will write this to the event log on startup or any time a license key changes:

License key limits global bandwidth to 2 gigabits per second

The bandwidth limits are applied to the traffic from the Stingray Traffic Manager to the remote client.  For example, if a 2 Gbps limit is in place, Stingray will not write data faster than 2 Gbps to the remote clients, sharing the bandwidth fairly between all connections. 

Stingray will write a message to the event log if the bandwidth limit is hit:

License key bandwidth limit hit

No traffic is dropped.  In this situation, Stingray will typically only read responses from the back-end servers at a rate of 2 Gbps and will throttle the writes for individual connections equally.

All traffic that leaves a virtual server and is sent to its clients is counted towards the bandwidth limit. This will also include traffic that is looped-back to the same Traffic Manager. If you are regularly reaching your bandwidth limit you should contact the provider of your traffic manager to upgrade your license keys. If you wish to be notified automatically when this situation occurs you can create an Alert Mapping which could, for example, send an e-mail when the "bwlimited"event is encountered.