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What's New in the Stingray Traffic Manager 9.5 RESTful API

Stingray Traffic Manager version 9.5 includes some important enhancements to the RESTful API.  These enhancements include the following:


A new API version

The API version has moved to 2.0.  Versions 1.0 and 1.1 are still available but have been deprecated.


Statistics and Version Information

A new resource, "status", is available that contains the child resources "information" and "statistics", under the host name.  Data can only be retrieved for these resources; no updates are allowed.  The URL for "information" is:



and the URI for "statistics" is:




<host> can also be "local_tm", which is an alias for the Traffic Manager processing the REST request.  For this release, only statistics for the local Traffic Manager are available.


The "information" resource contains the version of the Stingray Traffic Manager, so for example the request:




for version 9.5 would return:




The "statistics" resource contains the Stingray statistics that are also available with SNMP or the SOAP API.  The following child resources are available under "statistics":


actions, bandwidth, cache, cloud_api_credentials, connection_rate_limit, events, glb_services, globals, listen_ips, locations, network_interface, nodes, per_location_service, per_node_slm, pools, rule_authenticators, rules, service_level_monitors, service_protection, ssl_ocsp_stapling, traffic_ips, virtual_servers


The statistics that are available vary by resource.




To get the statistics for the pool "demo" on the Stingray Traffic Manager "":


"statistics": {

"algorithm": "roundrobin",

"bytes_in": 20476976,

"bytes_out": 53323,

"conns_queued": 0,

"disabled": 0,

"draining": 0,

"max_queue_time": 0,

"mean_queue_time": 0,

"min_queue_time": 0,

"nodes": 1,

"persistence": "none",

"queue_timeouts": 0,

"session_migrated": 0,

"state": "active",

"total_conn": 772



Resource Name Changes

Some resources have been renamed to be more clear:


actionprogs-> action_programs

auth-> user_authenticators

authenticators-> rule_authenticators

cloudcredentials-> cloud_api_credentials

events-> event_types

extra-> extra_files

flipper-> traffic_ip_groups

groups-> user_groups

scripts-> monitor_scripts

services-> glb_services

settings.cfg-> global_settings

slm-> service_level_monitors

vservers-> virtual_servers

zxtms-> traffic_managers


New Resource


One new resource, "custom" has been added to support the new Custom Configuration Sets feature.  This allows arbitrary name:value configuration pairs to be stored in the Traffic Manager configuration system. As part of the Traffic Manager configuration, this data is replicated across a cluster and is accessible using the REST API, SOAP API and ZCLI.  All data structures supported by the Stinray REST API are also supported for Custom Configuration Sets.  Please see the REST API Guide for more information.

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