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abt CPU usage

g kumar
Occasional Contributor

abt CPU usage

We have Traffic Manager 10.0-1 depliyed using round robin alhorithm with no health monitors configured. It is found that, at times, the node's CPU consumtion reaches more than 80%. Being new to traftic manager, now my question is whether the traffic manager detects the high cpu or memory consumtion and route the request to another node when round robin algirithm is used? In other words, how the round robin works? Whether the requests are routed sequentially based on connectivity or based on the health of the node..? Or do we need to implement a custom health monitor to check the cpu consumtion of the nodes..?

Re: abt CPU usage

"Round Robin" is a very simple algorithm, and will not take account of the health of an indivdual node. There are a number of different LB algorithms which you can select, depending on what you need - so you may not need to write a custom health monitor.


It might also be worth looking to see why the node is running at 80%, in case there some other problem, but Traffic Manager can adapt to nodes which are congested.


There are a couple of other articles on this, including information on the "Perceptive" LB algorithm.




g kumar
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Re: abt CPU usage

Thank for the response. On more clarification. This Traffic Manager is front end to a number of IIS servers each of which are just added as node. Hope you know that IIS can be configured as a web farm and web garden. Is there any advantage if we configure IIS web farm and garden and whether it can work with Traffic Manager..?
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Re: abt CPU usage

@g kumar


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Our technical team responded with the following info:


“Version 10.0 has been end of life for some time now.  Please upgrade to any of the supported versions of Traffic Manager. Please see upgrade instructions in the links below:

Please note that there actually two separate procedures mentioned in the body of the article. 
If you are running a "software" install and have installed the Traffic Manager application on the Linux distribution of your choice, then follow this procedure:

If you have a virtual appliance where the Linux distribution and Traffic Manager application have been bundled together, then this is the procedure to follow:



You can find out more about the TAC Engaged program by clicking on the image below.


Thank you

Jason McClellan
Community Manager

TAC Engaged