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can i add traffic ip on differnet subnet

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can i add traffic ip on differnet subnet

I have a Traffic Manager on 10.30.20.x and want to add several more services on port 80, so it appears the best option is to add Traffic ip groups and have each of the new services on its own VIP.

However i range of IP i got assign are in 10.30.27.x , a different subnet

When i attempt to add new Traffic ip group with a ip address on a different subnet i get the error: "Cannot find ethernet card suitbale for IP address ...."

So My question is can i added traffic ip address from a different subnet , what must i configure to allow this . OR must i move my virtual appliance to the other subnet?


Re: can i add traffic ip on differnet subnet

This is covered in the User Guide in chapter 6: "Traffic IP Groups and Fault Tolerance" under the heading "Interface-to-Subnet Mapping" if you want to do a little reading.

Long story short though, on your STM, if you navigate to: Services > Traffic IP Groups, under "Traffic IP Networks" there is a section called "Network Settings".  From here you can create additional subnets and define which interfaces they should live on.  So long as your upstream routing (and local routing table / default route) are all plumbed correctly, this will work:

Google ChromeScreenSnapz015.png

Aidan Clarke
Pulse Secure vADC Product Manager