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cannot access admin page

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cannot access admin page


Just now I have downloaded virtual appliance and installed it in vmware vsphere 4.1 env.

Appliance is able to get IP address from DHCP.

When I am trying to access

The page is not showing up.. error page cannot be displayed.

I can telnet it on 9090 the connection is getting initiated

I am not able to understand why  the error shows up.

Plz suggest.


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Re: cannot access admin page

Since this isn't posted in any particular product area, which virtual appliance are you referring to?

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Re: cannot access admin page

Sorry for that.

I am using Stingray Traffic Manager virtual appliance.

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Re: cannot access admin page

Moved to the STM space where hopefully someone will be able to help


Re: cannot access admin page

Hi Wasim,

The admin server will be using a self signed certificate, is it possible that your browser is set to silently reject untrusted certs? Or are you using a proxy server which might be doing the same? You could try bypassing the proxy for the stingray by modifying your browser settings.

Can you try to connect to stingray using http on port 9090 (ie ), and confirm that your browser get redirected to https?

Do you have a screen shot of the error?



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Re: cannot access admin page

Hi Wasim,

Further to Mark's comments, here are a couple of troubleshooting steps you can try:

Step 1: can you ping the IP on the Stingray VA?

Access the console for the virtual appliance using whatever VMware tool you are using.  Once the appliance has booted for the first time, you should see a 'Welcome' message that provides the URL ( for the admin server.  Note: the IP address is obtained via DHCP.  If the appliance could not get an IP, it will select

Ensure that you can ping the IP from your client machine.  If you cannot ping it, then there's a routing problem, or Stingray has raised the incorrect IP.  Using the console:

  • Alt+F2 to switch to tty2
  • Log in as admin/admin
  • Run z-set-initial-address to set the IP to something appropriate
  • Logout and Alt+F1 to switch back to tty1
  • Check the admin URL and verify that you can ping it

Keep working with the networking until you have raised an IP on Stingray that you can ping

Step 2: can you access the admin server?

Point a web browser at http://IP:9090.  All being well, the webbrowser should be redirected to https://IP:9090 (note the switch from http to https) and then you will probably get an 'untrusted SSL certificate warning' that you should permit, then you will get the initial config wizard.

Use the developer tools or an http client (e.g curl -i) to verify that you are getting the redirect from http to https:

ogarrett-mbpro:~ ogarrett$ curl -i

HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporarily

Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2013 17:33:18 GMT

Content-Type: text/html

Connection: close


<html><body>This service is encrypted</body></html>

Then try the https URL.  It's normal to get a certificate error (as Stingray's admin interface uses a self-signed, automatically-generated certificate that is not trusted by default).

If you still have problems, raise a query with our support team.

Hope that this helps