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Hi my name is Nick.


and i have one question.


we use to Stingray Platform in environment cache.


my customer ask me.  Please tell me about meamon. 

( customer want Check the Deamon. ) 


Please tell me about Daemon of necessary ? 

like Health Check Daemon or Hearth Beat Daemon..


Please Regard!~


Thank you!!


Re: daemon

Do you mean the "syslog daemon" referred to in the main user guide? The "syslog daemon" is used by Brocade vTM to write logging information and alerts to another system. "Syslog" is a standard part of an underlying OS.


However, Brocade vTM software (formerly known as "Stingray") may use one or more other "daemons" as part of its own overall system management. In general, software will use daemons to run background processes or to manage confgurations and resources. For example, a cluster could use one or more daemons to momitor cluster health, and manage transfer of control if a node hits a problem. Similarly, the software might use a daemon to listen in on a management port to accept incoming system commands.