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how to expand disks on Stingray Virtual appliance?

Occasional Contributor

how to expand disks on Stingray Virtual appliance?

HI all,

I'm trying to expand Stingray disk on vmware vSphere.


as above, I did understand how to expand disk for logs (/dev/sda8)

but what I really wanted to is to expand root disk size (/dev/sda5).

is there any ways? or is it not changeable?

and would like to know when the disk is in use of 65% like above, if it would affect the performance or something in Stingray.



Re: how to expand disks on Stingray Virtual appliance?

Hi Jay.

Here's what I've done to extend it (and I'm assuming you already have root access):

  1. Add an additional hard disk to the VM.
  2. fdisk the new disk and add partition. Set it to Linux LVM type.
  3. run partprobe to re-scan the partition
  4. pvcreate /dev/<new partition>
  5. vgextend rvbd-ssc-host-vg  /dev/<new partition>
  6. lvextend -l +100%FREE /dev/rvbd-ssc-host-vg/root
  7. resize2fs -F /dev/rvbd-ssc-host-vg/root

As you can see, it's really just running standard Linux commands to add a disk, extend the VG and LV, then extend the filesystem. I would caution you on the last step since you have to force it because you cant fsck the root filesystem in the running state (i.e. do it at your own risk). I would suggest taking backups or snapshots or whatever your normal process is, to make sure you have something you can roll back to if things go awry.