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resolving client user name issue

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resolving client user name issue



Apologies for a numpty questions, this is all new to me and i am learning 'on the job' Smiley Sad


I am trying to overcome a thorny issue at work whereby we need to redirect connections to a back end service based on the AD group the user is a member of.


I have managed to get this working in a test set up with 2 IIS instances in seperate pools and using and LDAP lookup based on the authentication header.


However, transition to the 'real' service is not so simple, as it turns out the application makes an anonymous connection to the back end service by default.  Although it appears it is capable of using windows authentication and that is enabled on the backend IIS, I am not allowed to turn off the anonymous authentication Smiley Sad - which I think would fix the issue.........


Therefore I have been trying to work out how I can bounce the first, anonymous,  connection attempt and force it to use authentication.  I have tried several different approaches based on searching forums etc but cant get it working.  (BTW - the connection is from an application running as the user and therefore we cannot force users to authenticate directly like you might do in a web browser session)


Any guidance / help gratefully recieved!