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Pulse Secure vADC

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We live in a virtualized world. Virtualization has fundamentally changed the way that we build, deploy, manage and maintain applications. Servers used to be static, time consuming to provision, expensive to maintain and often over provisioned and under utilize. Virtualization tipped  
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by Aidan Clarke   The Brocade vADC suite is designed to be flexible, extensible and portable software. Regardless of whether your applications run in the enterprise data center, in a private cloud, a public cloud or anything in between, Brocade's vADC can get you there.   Our solution was purpose-built for software deployment, and fits naturally into any virtual or cloud environment: and it was the first full functioning ADC solution available on VMWare, and has been in public clouds since the beginning - originally named Zeus ZXTM, it was launched on Amazon EC2 in 2009. The Brocade vADC platform only needs one simple thing to operate: a platform that can run Linux on an Intel platform. If you can do that, you can run Brocade vADC.     Brocade vADC offers native images for Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Engine, Rackspace, Joyent, Sunguard and many more - and it is also available as a Virtual Appliance for VMware, HyperV, Xen Server, KVM and OracleVM.   Furthermore, Brocade Services Director can manage vADC workloads in all of these environments simultaneously: our customers can deploy Brocade Services Director in an enterprise Data Centre (DC) and use it to manage workloads in both the DC and the cloud at the same time.   Simply put, no matter where your applications run, Brocade vADC can be right there with them. And no matter where you go, it's the same vADC software ensuring your applications are Available, Scalable, Fast and Secure. Get started with Brocade vADC today, our Developer Edition is free to download and try out in your test and development environment.     This article is part of a series, beginning with: Staying Afloat in the Application Economy More to Explore: Prev: Right-Size for Capacity Next: Active/Active Clustering for High Availability  
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