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upgrading license and version vTM

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upgrading license and version vTM



one of my customer plans to upgrade its license of virtual traffic manager from 200M to 1G


but, the problem - it might be not problem - is that it's issued date is Jun 9 2015 and license information is


Riverbed Serial Number: xxxxxx written by System -> License ->customer info in web UI.


I know that the product of Riverbed is acquired by your company, Brocade. 


So, what I'm saying to do is that there is any issue of upgrading license from Riverbed serial to brocade.



And, there is extra issue that it plans to upgrade software from 9.8R2 to 11.1. 


but, they want to create new VM and duplicate configuration, not simeple upgrade.


So, I plan to create new VM for version 11.1 and import & restore 9.8R2 backup configuration to 11.1 vTM.


In summary, my second qustion is that there is any issue of pouring 9.8R2 backup configuration on 11.1 vTM.


I'll be so grateful if you reply to this message.




Re: upgrading license and version vTM

Hello, this should be ok, so long as you folllow the correct procedure.


I recommend that you raise a support call, and they can look at the config in more detail.


Note that the procedure is different for a virtual appliance, compared to a software install. You may also need to ensure that your root partition is large enough. Also, if you are using an earlier version of Brocade vWAF wth your vTM, then you may need to backup separately before making the change (the support team can also help look at this)