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vADC : DNS zone forwarding or Delegation

New Member

vADC : DNS zone forwarding or Delegation

Hi all


Hope someone here can assist me with DNS on vADC . I am fairly new to this ,so please excuse if my question doesnt make sense


We are hosting DNS server on vADC which responds to the queries in our domain. Now the clients from external domain connects to services in our domain and viceversa ,I need to firgure out a method to forward the queries that are not known to our DNS to an external DNS server . I am thinking of DNS forwarding or Delgation (should be delegation as the external domain is not a sub-domain of ours )


I read through the documentation ,but coudnt find anything near to what i want to implement.

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Re: vADC : DNS zone forwarding or Delegation

Unfortunately, we have no option to configure an external DNS for additional entries aside from the primary. There is an option to add a backup/secondary DNS but it does not serve what your looking for.

I also checked options using TrafficScripts but no functional DNS feature.