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Enterprise Wipe (Remote Wipe)

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Enterprise Wipe (Remote Wipe)

I find myself researching Remote Wipe solutions to use on laptops etc in combination with Disk Encryption & came across a reference to "Enterprise Wipe" feature in one of the Search Snipetts that was returned, but I have not been able to find full Documentation on the Feature, if it does exist.  Does anyone know about this Feature and where I may find some Documentation on it?  Does the PSA3000 come with this built in or addon module, or should I be pursuing something like Prey for a Remote Wipe solution?


Any input would be appreciated.

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Re: Enterprise Wipe (Remote Wipe)

@IgoreGacco Enterprise Wipe is supported by the Pulse Workspace (MDM) product not by the PSA3000 (VPN server).


Pulse Workspace is the perfect container for BYOD use, with security that separates enterprise and employee data, supports enterprise wipe. This feature is only supported for Mobile devices not for PCs.


More details:

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