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Configure Pulse Zero Trust Access for Deployment

Setting Up and Deploying PZTA

A PZTA deployment consists of a Controller service, used to manage your secure access policies and user base, and one or more application Gateways positioned at each location an organization hosts its resources and applications. This might be in a public or private cloud, within a datacenter, or inside a virtual host environment. The Gateways continually communicate with the Controller to ensure user access requests for the applications held at that location are valid and authentic. 


To set up your PZTA deployment, follow these steps:


1. Create and deploy your PZTA application Gateways, see Creating Gateways.


Link: https://<tenantsubdomain>/docs/latest/pzta-gsg/html/gsg_gateways.html#docs-gsg-gateways
(where 'tenantsubdomain' is a placeholder for your company domain)

2. Create your user authentication methods, policies, and groups, see Creating User Authentication Services.

Link: https://<tenantsubdomain>/docs/latest/pzta-gsg/html/gsg_users.html#docs-gsg-users
(where 'tenantsubdomain' is a placeholder for your company domain)

3. Create your device policies and policy groups, see Creating Device Policies and Device Rules.

Link: https://<tenantsubdomain>/docs/latest/pzta-gsg/html/gsg_devices.html#docs-gsg-devices
(where 'tenantsubdomain' is a placeholder for your company domain)

4. Create your applications and application groups, see Creating Applications and Application Groups

Link: https://<tenantsubdomain>/docs/latest/pzta-gsg/html/gsg_apps.html#docs-gsg-apps
(where 'tenantsubdomain' is a placeholder for your company domain)

5. Create a Secure Access Policy for an application and publish this policy to your Gateways, see Publishing a Secure Access Policy.

Link: https://<tenantsubdomain>/docs/latest/pzta-gsg/html/gsg_sap.html#docs-gsg-sap
where 'tenantsubdomain' is a placeholder for your company domain)
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