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Bring Order to Your Unstructured Data with Hitachi Content Platform and Brocade vADC


Bring Order to Your Unstructured Data with Hitachi Content Platform and Brocade vADC

by Dawn Morris


Organizations looking to get on top of the volume of unstructured data flooding their data centers need look no further than the Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) with Brocade Virtual Application Delivery Controllers (vADC).


This powerful solution, pre-configured, pre-tested, pre-integrated and fully certified by Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), enables organizations to extract the full value from their unstructured data. And to combat complexity and inefficacy, it offers the significant scope-to-scale, cross-domain visibility of demand, and control they need – all in a single system.


HCP is a trusted data management platform that provides this visibility and control on a global scale. Organizations can make data and information available to users where ever they are, while keeping that data and information fully secure. It is an ideal solution for multi-tenant, complex application environments; enabling customers to address the influx of data from Internet of Things (IoT), Machine to Machine (M2M) and custom applications, and shifting regulatory demands.




By leveraging object storage technology, HCP provides the data foundation that both cloud service providers and enterprises demand in the digital age, enabling them to:


  • Streamline processes to store, share, collaborate, analyze, protect, retrieve and preserve data.
  • Evolve their environment as demands change; with a highly scalable and adaptive solution to ensure applications and technologies are supported through-out the data lifecycle.
  • Build on the concept of object-based storage to ensure mobility of content across domains, including primary storage, private cloud environments, offering increased agility and visibility.
  • Keep meta-data secure onsite while enabling the organization to benefit from the flexibility and economies of scale provided, with transparent, automated, policy-based tiering of content

A Single Powerful Package for the Digital Age
Organizations needing to maximize performance during a digital evolution that will see data volumes and complexity explode, require the power, resilience, scale, and management simplicity the HCP provides. Pre-combined with vADC customers can enjoy faster, more reliable deployments than when forced to design, integrate and build such complex inter-linked systems themselves; and can optimize, simplify, scale-out and accelerate data management across their organization.


Flexibility to go faster and further
The Brocade vADC enables fast, reliable, application delivery across virtual and cloud platforms at massive scale. As a virtual rather than hardware-based solution vADC also assures faster, streamlined and simple-to-scale application deployment, while reducing system and management complexity. When deployed in front of the HCP it address the domain name system infrastructure challenges that can impact HCP performance, such as lack of scale, poor application-node awareness, and ‘round-robin’ load balancing.


Set and Meet Service Levels
The combined HCP and vADC solution is easy to deploy, with the tools to simply tailor traffic management for proven performance to ensure Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are maintained. vADC tracks and assesses traffic demand and queues on the wire, leaving HCP performance unaffected by any issues; helping to set and meet system SLAs. And Intelligent, automated processes and policies can be customized, determined, and cascaded across all domains in a global environment from one single IP address for streamlined management and faster resolution.


HCP also leverages the Brocade vADCs Virtual Traffic Manager (vTM) feature and TrafficScript programming language to assure performance and service delivery in medium and large object storage environments. vTM streamlines and simplifies, while increasing agility with customizable traffic management rules and policies.


With extensive monitoring to manage traffic flows on the HCP system the vTM identifies potential network issues ensures better utilization of network resources to optimize performance and efficiency.


With a global load balancing and a streamlined failover process the flexible and fast vTM provides the reliable, high-performance access to virtual and cloud-based applications that HCP requires.


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