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Brocade Services Director 17.1 released


In this new release, Brocade Services Director supports centralized authentication for additional security and user management, including authentication of users against an LDAP, RADIUS or TACACS+ server - for all users accessing services director via REST API, CLI and GUI. This includes:

  • Interactive testing for authenticator settings
  • Option to lock out usernames after multiple failed login attempts
  • Authenticators and Permission Groups are structured in the same way as Traffic Manager

To enhance separation of Services Director configuration from Traffic Manager configuration, an additional "sd" REST API has been added. Services Director authenticators and permission groups can be created and updated using this new API.

Version Numbering:
From January 2017, Brocade software products use the version number convention “YY.n”, where YY is the year of release and n is the sequential release for that year.This release of Services Director is designated "17.1" - following directly from the previous Services Director release, which was designated "2.6"


For more information:
For more information, please refer to the release notes, available on the download site. A complete set of user documentation is also available on, including getting started guides, installation, configuration and API reference documentation.