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Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager 10.1 released


Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager 10.1 (formerly known as SteelApp Traffic Manager) offers enhanced control of IP traffic, including support for WebSockets for high performance applications, and closer control of network routing using both OSPF and BGP protocols.

Highlights in this release include:

  • Bypass Protocol Handling - Traffic Manager now includes basic WebSockets support, for applications which need to support high-speed duplex connections between servers and clients. Traffic Manager can detect requests and automatically bypass the traffic direct to the application for maximum performance.
  • Route Health Injection - Advanced network routing control with Route Health Injection (RHI). In this latest release, Traffic Manager now supports BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) to advertise TIP Address route metrics. Routing protocol can be chosen on a per-TIP group basis: OSPF, BGP or both.
  • Web Application Firewall module certified by ICSA Labs - In this latest release, the optional WAF modules includes the latest support for XML Content Parsing, Masking sensitive data in log files, and customizable reports. This version also benefits from certification by ICSA Labs, for customers wishing looking for third-party validation.
  • Other features include more support for IP Transparency and IPtables configuration, improved VMware guest support, and a number of other security enhancements.


For more information:

For more information, please refer to the release notes, available on the download site. A complete set of user documentation is also available on, including getting started guides, installation, configuration and API reference documentation.