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Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager 17.3 released

In this release, Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager offers a full implementation of TLS session tickets, to support faster re-establishment of sessions in large-scale clusters. To support this, there are additional changes to the REST API and supported cipher suites. Main highlights include:

  • TLS Session Tickets: Brocade vTM now supports RFC 5077 ( - "Stateless TLS session resumption") to support faster re-establishment of sessions in large-scale clusters. This implementation enforces ticket key expiry and ticket rotation without the need to restart cluster members. Shared session ticket keys are expired/rotated individually across all cluster members, without needing to pre-allocate a fixed number of keys.
  • REST API Updates: The REST API version has been revised to 5.0 to support a number of API enhancements. Backward compatibility is retained in this release, so that existing scripts written to earlier REST API 4.x versions will not be invalidated. However, note that 4.x APIs are deprecated from this release; earlier 2.x and 3.x APIs are no longer supported.
  • Export TLS Cipher Suites: The export-grade cipher suites are no longer supported in this release: these cipher suites have been disabled by default in previous releases, and will no longer be available.


For more information:

For more information, please refer to the release notes, available on the download site. A complete set of user documentation is also available on, including getting started guides, installation, configuration and API reference documentation.