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Brocade vADC Updated Feature Tiers


Starting in November 2016, the Brocade vADC feature tiers and bandwidth options will be updated to make it easier for customers to select the platform that suits their business needs. With these simplified feature tiers, a full-featured ADC solution is available, as well as a new “Enterprise Edition” that includes premium Layer 7 services such as Web Content Optimization (WCO) and Web Application Firewall (WAF). A complete set of new updated feature tiers and licensed throughputs (SKUs) will be available as the primary way to acquire Brocade vADC products moving forward.

What are my options for purchasing Brocade vADC?
Brocade vADC will be available in two editions that are common to both fixed-sized licenses using the Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager (vTM) and to capacity-based licensing using the Brocade Services Director:

Advanced Edition: Includes the most common LB capabilities, including SSL/TLS offload, session persistence, service-level monitoring, simple TrafficScript Rule Builder, support for IPv6 and HTTP/2, and capabilities such as Global Load Balancing, Route Health Injection, and customization using Brocade’s powerful TrafficScript scripting language and Java Extensions

Enterprise Edition: Adds premium Layer 7 services such as Web Content Optimization (WCO), Web Application Firewall (WAF), and FIPS compliance.

The lower bandwidth tiers will now benefit from increased throughput, as the value of the entry-level packages are increased. To view the new bandwidth and available options, see the article

What is included in the New “Enterprise” Edition?
The new Enterprise Edition of Brocade vADC now includes premium capabilities that were previously only available as optional add- ons, such as WAF, WCO, and FIPS options. Customers no longer need a separate SKU for these options, as they will all be included in the Enterprise Edition.

An additional benefit is that the Web Accelerator feature is not capped in the new Enterprise Edition. Until now, the Web Accelerator add-on (formerly known as Aptimizer) was capped to a set number of page loads per day (for example, 250,000 or 500,000 pages per day). The Web Accelerator page count will not be capped in the Enterprise Edition, which may be a significant advantage for some customers.

Existing customers may also wish to use this opportunity to upgrade their Brocade vADC deployments to a flexible capacity-based licensing model with Brocade Services Director. These new feature tiers will also be made available through the Brocade CSP program at a later date.

Meanwhile, we have captured many of your questions in the attached FAQ.