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Deliver a Personalized Experience—Even During the Holiday Rush

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How do you maximize your sales and make each of your customers feel like a rock star?

Sure, each customer is just one of the thousands of shoppers on your eCommerce site at any given time—with new ones arriving by the second. Yet all of them expect to have your undivided attention. So how do you make that happen?

The answer is to give them their own digital personal shopper.

Visitors to your site can be wowed by a great online experience, they can feel wanted with a series of personalized suggestions, and they can be a priority at checkout time with one-click ordering.

But that only happens when everything on your site works as it should. The experience is everything—which is why approximately 60 percent of senior IT leaders are more concerned about applications failing at peak times than they are about security (1).

Make Every Day a Happy Holiday

Online shoppers have high expectations. The average consumer expects a Web page to load in two seconds or less (2). Even a one-second delay can result in a 7 percent reduction in conversions—constituting $2.5 million in lost sales every year (2).

The stakes are particularly high during peak holiday periods—from Thanksgiving to Christmas and beyond—with their unpredictable surges in demand.

So how do you make it a happy holiday for you and your users by ensuring that everyone visiting your site has their own personal shopping experience?




Brocade Virtual Application Delivery Controller (vADC) solutions help you deliver the seasonal retail therapy your customers are looking for.

Easy to deploy and scale, these solutions empower you to meet surges in demand without compromising performance, so you can provide a more reliable, high-performance experience that’s optimized for each user:

Keep it personal: Give every customer their own personalized service. Offer visitors dynamic, location-based content, or fast-track VIP customers to their own personalized space.

Keep it local: Intelligent content caching speeds up response times and stores common data resources locally so that back-end servers can focus on executing new transactions.

Keep it small: Compress Web content and rich media, relieving the workload on back-end servers so they can serve new requests faster, using bandwidth more efficiently.

Keep it agile: Content inspection enables fast Web changes, from inserting marketing tags to altering branding in order to personalize the shopping experience.

Keep it running: The shopping experience is uninterrupted thanks to session persistence, which protects items stored in a customer basket without the need for cookies.

Keep it relevant: Because you can manage all aspects of traffic, from routing to compression and caching, you can prioritize high-value customers and deliver the best possible levels of service.

Keep it secure: Protect your customers’ data and help PCI-DSS compliance, with a scalable Web application firewall and high-performance SSL/TLS key exchanges and decryption.

To find out how you can provide a personalized digital shopper to greet every visitor in the online sales rush, visit the Brocade eCommerce Seasonal Survival Kit

1 Vanson Bourne
2 Based on a site making $100,000 per day. Kissmetrics: