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How to Deliver Always-On Applications for the Always-On Business


Always-on Applications


Never before has the choice of business application impacted an organization’s competitive edge as much as it does today. In fact, enterprises are spending up to a third of their IT budgets on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications alone—along with more spending for other business applications to streamline processes and increase efficiencies. Add Unified Communication and Collaboration tools to the mix, for productivity gains, and you’ll understand just how valuable these business applications are.


If these applications perform well, the business will do well. The trouble is, they typically don’t perform well: 88 percent of companies* report poor application performance as a real business issue.


So, How Do You Get More from Your Investment?

The traditional route to improving application performance has gone from load-balancing to proxy servers to traffic manipulation and ultimately Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs).


And ADCs have served us well—optimizing transaction routing for the most reliable response.

In fact, they were so good that we became dependent on them. We needed more and more of them. And suddenly there was ADC sprawl as a whole network of ADCs was put in place, just in case they were needed at some point. But the solution was quickly becoming a problem, as these great islands of ADCs were oversized, expensive, and complex to maintain.

We needed a new way to deliver business applications reliably, without over-provisioning.


So the ADC has gone virtual.


Closing the Application Performance Gap

With virtual ADCs (vADCs), you have the always-on availability that always-on businesses need. The Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager (vTM), a key component of Brocade vADC solutions, provides a virtually instant response to meet demand any time, every time. Because they’re highly scalable, vADCs give you a common solution that’s easily portable between environments—delivering faster, more reliable applications, on premise and in the cloud.


Whatever the network traffic, virtual application delivery solutions can automatically manage spikes, redistribute loads, and prioritize transactions and service levels. vADCs can also include an application-aware firewall for security and are highly customizable to enforce business rules, and control users and services.


The result?


Your applications are no longer isolated islands that work well within their own environment but don’t stretch further. vADCs bring your applications together—enabling faster collaboration and smoother workflows—improving performance, the end-user experience, and ultimately your revenue.


Are You Ready to Take Control?

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* Reference Source: Aberdeen group and IDG Research