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How to deploy a Stingray Traffic Manager Cluster in AWS VPC

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In a previous video we showed how to bring up Stingray Traffic Manager in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Now we will walk through the deployment of a cluster of Stingray Traffic Managers in a VPC on AWS. The clustering feature as well as other features such as SSL offloading and compression can be found in all instances of Stingray, unlike our competition. New to Stingray Traffic Manager Version 9.5 is also Active-Active clustering within AWS. We’ll take a look at that in this video as well.

References on the AWS deployment of the 9.5 release can be found in the EC2 Getting Started Guide. Additional Stingray Traffic Manager references on the deployment of common enterprise applications can be found in the Stingray Solution Guides. Many other Stingray related documents can be found at

Lastly, I've attached is a copy of the script I used for setting up the VPC. While it is not usually a regular occurrence in a production environment, it certainly can be in a DevOps environment.

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