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Make Black Friday Just Another Day for Your eCommerce Site


Here we go again. It's all aboard the roller coaster into the seasonal shopping peaks and troughs.


Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Chinese New Year―once again we'll be seeing images of overwhelmed store staff, and hearing horror stories of crashing eCommerce sites.


If you’re starting to experience that pre-holiday season tension, wondering whether your eCommerce applications can deliver the service experience your customers are used to, don't worry. The remedy is much closer than you think.


But before we talk about the remedy, consider a few statistics from Kissmetrics that get right to the heart of the challenge:

  • The average shopper expects a Web page to load in two seconds or less.
  • 79 percent of shoppers are less likely to buy again from sites delivering unsatisfactory performance.

All of which means that events like Black Friday, which should be a highlight of the year in commercial terms, can actually do some serious damage to your hard-won customer loyalty.


Speed loading for loyalty



Virtual Is the Way Forward

If your eCommerce apps can scale automatically, and deal intelligently with rapid fluctuations in traffic flows, your customers will find that shopping during a seasonal peak is just as rewarding as it would be in the early hours of a mid-August morning.


Virtualization is the key. Unlocking your eCommerce applications from the limitations of application delivery hardware allows them to respond dynamically to fluctuating customer demand.


You can ensure that no one loses what's in their basket, and that pages load faster than customers can say, “Wow, what a deal!”


Most of all, you can preserve that “safe haven” experience that’s one of the defining hallmarks of eCommerce at bargain-hunting time. Not everyone wants the rush and crush of the opening doors, so it's essential to make sure the online experience is truly stress-free.


Application Delivery Made Easy

When you’re ready to go virtual, Brocade Virtual Application Delivery Controller (vADC) solutions allow you to gain the auto-scaling, load balancing, and management visibility you need to ensure consistent eCommerce experiences, even at times of highest demand. This approach is far more efficient and cost-effective than over-provisioning with more and more hardware ADCs that lie dormant for most of the year.


If you want to learn more about optimizing application performance and brightening up Black Friday for everyone, check out the Brocade eCommerce Survival Kit, which includes a solution guide, 10 top performance tips, and read how other customers have had success.