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Pulse Secure Virtual Traffic Manager 18.1 Released

Community Manager

In this release, Pulse Virtual Traffic Manager offers enhanced support for DevOps application teams looking for closer integration and automation in customized cloud deployments. Main highlights include:

  • Support for Service Discovery: Pulse vTM now provides pluggable services discovery, enabling dynamic service discovery in virtual and cloud environments.  The release includes built-in support for DNS based service discovery using the new mechanism and permits customers to extend the capability with their own service discovery scripts. vTM already supports simple auto-scaling within certain platforms such as Amazon AWS and VMware; this feature allows more flexible services discovery in customized cloud deployments. 

  • Terraform Provider: Terraform is an open-source tool for describing application configuration, which is ideal for expressing topology of applications in a virtualized data center or a cloud. A Terraform Provider for Pulse vTM has been made available, allowing customers to automate service deployment using Terraform templates.  The Terraform Provider uses the Pulse vTM REST API for configuration management.

  • Telemetry Capability: Traffic Manager now reports some additional configuration- and system-level information to Pulse Secure to help us improve our product and support capabilities. All the telemetry data is anonymized and encrypted before being exported. Customers can disable telemetry from the system console or via API calls. Full details on the information which may be collected is available at

For more information:
For more information, please refer to the release notes, available on the download portal. A complete set of user documentation is also available on, including getting started guides, installation, configuration and API reference documentation.


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