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Riverbed Stingray Services Controller release 1.0

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Today, we are launching Stingray™ Services Controller release 1.0, which was first introduced last May at Interop Las Vegas 2013.


It is now generally available to major enterprises and cloud service providers who can use it to help run large numbers of ADC services. It is ideal for service providers since they demand rapid, high-density deployment, and are looking for a more flexible financial model that ADC-as-a-Service can provide to their clients.


Key features of this new software product include:


Agile ADC deployment: A new set of tools to deploy application delivery services very quickly and exactly where they are needed to reduce the time to market for new applications and services. A single ADC can be deployed in minutes, reducing provisioning times that used to take weeks.


Elastic cloud scale: Stingray Services Controller also introduces a new deployment style for customers deploying ADC services, called the Stingray™ Traffic Manager “micro” instance. It is capable of delivering very high density and throughput in a small ADC footprint, giving complete elasticity in either a shared-services or a distributed deployment model.


High-density multi-tenancy and isolation: Customers can now right size and scale effectively in multi-tenant environments while still maintaining isolation on a per-application or per-tenant basis. This mitigates performance concerns by eliminating noisy neighbor problems, while at the same time maximizing the ADC utilization and investment.


Flexible and on-demand licensing and metering: Maintain an inventory of all the ADC instances and licenses used by each client application, and meter the overall usage of all the application delivery services and provide integrated billing records to help with charging back to individual client applications.



Find Out More

To find out more about how this new solution can help accelerate deployment of applications with Stingray software, contact your authorized Riverbed partner or service provider for more information, or alternatively contact support.




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Release Notes and documentation can be found here.