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Stingray Traffic Manager in AWS VPC


Stingray is a fully featured Layer 7 Application Delivery Controller (ADC), commonly known as a load balancer.  Stingray gives you all the standard load balancer features: distributing traffic across multiple EC2 instances, health monitoring, SSL oflloading, etc; plus a whole lot more:

  • With Stingray you can dynamically spin up and spin down EC2 instances based on load.  When your site starts to get hammered, Stingray will detect this and spin up additional EC2 instances to handle the burst; and then shut them down when things calm down. So you can get that additional horse power when you need it without having to pay for it 24/7.
  • To avoid cloud outages on critical days, it's good practice to distribute your architecture across multiple EC2 Availability Zones.  With Stingray Global Load Balancing, users will be directed to the Availability Zone closest to them.  If that Zone goes down,  Stingray will detect this and direct users to the next closest one, ensuring your site stays up on Christmas Eve.
  • With built in Aptimizer support, your site will run up to 4x faster.  Aptimizer dynamically optimizes web content to reduce the bandwidth footprint and number of elements on your site, leading to faster load times and happier customers.

That's just a few of the features available in Stingray.  I created the video below to get help you get started using Stingray in your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).  From there the Getting Started - Load-balancing to a website using Stingray Traffic Manager article will teach you how to load balance your site with Stingray.  The Stingray Developer Edition is free to use (less the standard AWS costs) so give it a try.