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Version 0.3.0 of the Puppet Module out


Special thanks to Ed Lim (@limed) of the Mozilla Corporation for contributing a manifest to create Service Protection classes and adding the ability to enable request logging on Virtual Servers.  I also added in support for caching and compression.


Service Protection Classes


Service Protection classes allow you to create white and black lists of IP addresses to restrict access to the application.  The syntax to create a service protection class:


stingray:: protection { 'My Protection Class':
    allowed => ['', ''],
    banned  => [''],


And then attach it to a virtual server:


stingray::virtual_server { 'My Virtual Server':
    protection  => 'My Protection Class'


Enabling Request Logging


Request Logging is a debugging feature to log all requests made to a virtual server.  To enable request logging on a virtual server set enable_logging to true.


stingray::virtual_server { 'My Virtual Server':
    enable_logging => 'true'


Caching and Compression


You can now enable caching and compression on virtual servers:


stingray::virtual_server { 'My Virtual Server':
    caching           => 'yes',
    compression       => 'yes,
    compression_level => '9'


Where 9 is the maximum compression level. If you're using the web_app manifest caching and compression (at level 9) are automatically enabled.


For more details on the protection manifest and other changes mentioned here please refer to the reference guide.  If you're not using Stingray yet download andtry it for free.