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Version 0.4.0 of the Puppet module out


Version 0.4.0 of the Stingray Puppet module is now available on Puppet Forge.  This release includes some under-the-hood changes as well as support for bandwidth management classes.


Bandwidth Management classes


Bandwidth Management classes are used to limit the network resources that a set of connections can consume.  When applied to a


pool, they limit the bandwidth sending data to that pool.  When applied to a virtual server, they limit the bandwidth sending data to the clients.


stingray::bandwidth { 'My Bandwidth Class':
    maximum => '10000',


And then attach it to a virtual server


stingray::virtual_server { 'My Virtual Server':
    bandwidth => 'My Bandwidth Class'


or to a pool


stingray:: pool { 'My Pool':
    bandwidth => 'My Bandwidth Class'


Automatic removal of unused resources

Previous versions required unused resources to be explicitly deleted with the del_web_app(), del_pool(), etc resource types.  Unused resources are now automatically cleaned up.


Traffic IP Group improvements


The default behavior for a Traffic IP Group is now to share the Traffic IP Group across all the Stingray Traffic Managers in the cluster.  New machines joining a cluster will be added to the Traffic IP group when the original member of the cluster (the machine that is configured with new_cluster()) pull down the configuration


For more details on the protection manifest and other changes mentioned here please refer to the reference guide.  If you're not using Stingray yet download andtry it for free.