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What's New in Stingray Traffic Manager 9.6

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NEW VERSION 9.6 Accelerates Microsoft® SharePoint™ 2013 and Enhances AWS Scalability


Brocade® Stingray™ Traffic Manager 9.6 delivers new capabilities that allow enterprises and service providers faster page loads for Microsoft™ SharePoint™ 2013, increased reliability and scalability on Amazon Web Services, more flexible security, and simpler interface for networking features.



  • Improving SharePoint 2013 performance
  • Automatic scaling across availability zones in Amazon Web Services
  • Selection of SSL/TLS protocol versions and cipher suites by virtual server or pool
  • NAT Enhancements


Automatic scaling across availability zones in Amazon Web Services

Traffic Manager 9.6 allows customers who are deploying in multiple AWS availability zones (AZ) to auto-scale their applications in the multiple AZs.

Key features include:

  • Active-active load balancing for high-availability and scalability on Amazon AWS
  • When auto-scaling is enabled, Traffic Manager can scale up and scale down the pool nodes


Improving SharePoint 2013 performance

Riverbed Stingray Aptimizer for SharePoint speeds up a SharePoint 2013 website or intranet by automatically applying advanced web content option techniques without making any website or browser changes. This feature can be either an add-on to Stingray Traffic Manager or in a standalone proxy mode that works with any ADC.

Aptimizer for SharePoint 2013:

  • Reduces page-load times for first view and repeat views
  • Significantly reduces data traffic
  • Reduces networking and content delivery costs
  • Increases server throughput by off-loading the server
  • Software-only solution

Aptimizer provides optimization settings tuned for acceleration Microsoft SharePoint 2013 internet and intranet sites.Optimizations include:

  • Resource URL versioning
  • MDS fragment optimization
  • Durable caching
  • CSS StyleSheet inlining
  • Background image inlining
  • Progressive download of JPEG images
  • WebP support
  • JavaScript and CSS minification
  • Compression
  • Image shrinking and metadata removal
  • Advanced JavaScript compatibility
  • JavaScript resource bundling and pre-loading


Selection of SSL/TLS protocol versions and cipher suites by virtual server or pool

Until now, it has only been possible to configure the list of the allowed cipher suites, or permitted SSL/TLS protocol versions globally. With this release, it becomes possible to set the cipher suite list and permitted protocols separately for each virtual server or pool. This allows Traffic Manager administrators to increase the security of specific virtual servers, by restricting them to the more secure cipher suites, while still allowing other virtual servers to use a broader range of cipher suites for compatibility with older browsers.


NAT Enhancements

The NAT capabilities of the Stingray Traffic Manager Virtual Appliance have been enhanced to allow a more comprehensive set of NAT configurations to be set through the GUI, REST, and SOAP APIs, and CLI. Additionally, NAT rules can now be defined with reference to Traffic IP groups and pools, for ease of configuration and maintenance.


General Information

Platform Support

Traffic Manager 9.6 is available in a range of virtual appliances, including VMware vSphere, KVM, XenServer, Amazon EC2, and Microsoft® Windows Server 2012 with Hyper-V and Oracle VM,



Customers with valid maintenance and support contracts can download this release from their customer account in the Riverbed support site. The new documentation is available on the support site. Release notes are included with the software.

Appliances running Traffic Manager version 9.0 or later can be upgraded to version 9.6 (or later versions) by uploading the upgrade package using the software upgrade section of the administration server's web interface.