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Pulse Secure vWAF 4.9 - New Release for Q1/18

The latest Q1/18 release of Pulse Secure vWAF (version 4.9, build 43225) is available for download by registered customers. The focus of this release is to implement an updated user interface and branding following the acquisition by Pulse Secure, LLC. Highlights include:

  • Updated User Interface: This release introduces a new-style user interface for vWAF, including a new logo and branding for Pulse Secure, LLC.
  • Telemetry Capability: Pulse vWAF is able to collect and transmit feature-level usage data back to our support team, and to aid in improvement of future versions of products and related support. This information is anonymized and encrypted - for more information, see

  • Removal of DES/3DES ciphers: DES/3DES ciphers have been completely removed, and can no longer be used for WAF configuration. DES/3DES ciphers have been discouraged due to vulnerabilities such as CVE-2016-2183 and CVE-2016-6329.

How to update your Pulse vWAF software:
If you are a registered customer of Pulse vWAF, then you can update your software to the latest release; see the Pulse vWAF user documentation for more information on updating your software.

If you are using the integrated vWAF as part of the Enterprise Edition of Pulse vTM, then we recommend waiting until the next major release of Pulse vTM.

If you are using the distributed version of Pulse vWAF, supported as a plug-in for popular web servers, then you can use the cluster updater software to manage the process to update to this latest version of the vWAF software.

For more information:
For more information, please refer to the release notes, available on the download portal. A complete set of user documentation is also available on


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