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Support for 64-bit Secure Virtual Workspace (SVW)Options

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Support for 64-bit Secure Virtual Workspace (SVW)Options

The Secure Virtual Workspace (SVW) guarantees the integrity of IVE session data on a client machine by creating a protected workspace on the client desktop. By enabling the Secure Virtual Workspace, you ensure that any end-user signing in to your intranet must perform all interactions within a completely protected environment. If the userÕs applications and interactions result in data being written to disk or to the registry, the Secure Virtual Workspace encrypts that information. When the IVE session is complete, the Secure Virtual Workspace destroys all information pertaining to itself or to the session, by default. However, you can configure the state of this type of information to suit your particular needs.


We know many were waiting for this feature already. Please feel free to post your queries on this forum and we will do our best to help you find an answer.



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Re: Support for 64-bit Secure Virtual Workspace (SVW)Options

Can we install and run applications (like putty, PDF readers or SAP clients), in SVW?