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Analytics: Introduction to Services Director Analytics Application - Concepts and Metrics Explained

The Pulse Services Director vADC Analytics Application ( is intended to be both accessible and intuitive to use, with powerful graphic visualizations and insights into the traffic flows around your application. 




However, there are some underlying concepts that are helpful to understand, to make it easier to interpret the analytics charts and reports. In this series of articles, we will start by looking at the information that is collected, and then go on to look at how we process the information, helping you understand how interpret the charts and gain real insights into your own traffic flows. These articles complement the Services Director user guide, by providing more detail on how metrics are calculated, and how we use those metrics in different types of charts.


Table of Contents:

1. The Connection Analytics Dataset

2. Understanding Time Charts and Metrics

3. Exploring Table Views

4. Interpreting Horseshoe and Timeline Charts

5. Reporting on Top Events

6. Using the Component Filter to Refine Queries

7. Using Sampling to Reduce Query Times



Learn more about Pulse Services Director vADC Analytics Application at


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